How Do You Sell the Family Home?

Green buildingThe struggles that surround selling any senior’s home can be substantial. When it is “the family home” and adult children and grandchildren are involved, those challenges are often magnified.

You may be expected to address many unique and difficult circumstances. How to deal with family dynamics? How to get an outdated or cluttered home ready to sell? How to play a more active role than is required by most other sellers? All these questions and more come into play when selling a long-term family home.

While challenging, these situations can also provide an opportunity to help family members from multiple generations cope during trying times.


  • Issue: Emotions are running high.
  • Issue: Too many people are involved.
  • Issue: A family argument ensues.


  • Issue: The house is woefully outdated.
  • Issue: Clutter, clutter everywhere.
  • Issue: Who wants what? Sell, donate or keep.

Too many questions and not enough answers? Maybe it’s time to seek the experience and advice from the people who know. Our Senior Real Estate Specialist (SRES) can help. Contact Eiting Real Estate today at or call us at 419-629-2623 and we can help you sell the family home.