“Staged” Homes Sell Faster & For More $$$

Beautiful white, blue and beige living room.Staging is an investment and one not every seller can afford to make. Many sellers take it on as a DIY project which can save money if you know the 5 scenarios to avoid.

  1. Avoid using beat up or ugly furniture. Choose furniture that shows the home in it’s best light. Position pieces to highlight space and optimum traffic flow. Rent furniture to replace the old, worn-out floral sofa.
  2. Avoid distracting themes. Your goal is to prepare your home for sale so a buyer can “mentally” move in. Position a small table and chairs on the patio or a baby-gear vignette in the corner of a small bedroom suitable for a nursery. Avoid bizarre collections such as taxidermy, Elvis memorabilia or excessive sport themes.
  3. Avoid clutter and messes. If you are living in a home that is on the market, it can be challenging to be ready for every showing. Little messes that accumulate through daily living can be distracting to buyers. Piles of clothes, mail, dishes and toys can destroy all your hard work and money that went into preparing the property in the first place.
  4. Avoid the “elephant in the room”. This happens when sellers run out of time and/or money to prepare the home. Take time to plan and budget your property preparation. Don’t let one or two rooms look like they have been missed. Buyers will look in garages, closets, cupboards and drawers. If these spaces are full of junk, it creates the impression that the house lacks storage.
  5. Avoid ignoring curb appeal. This is a buyer’s first impression your house. Be sure it’s a good one and the curb equals the inside condition. The opposite is also true. A messy interior and a pristine exterior is equally as bad as an overgrown, unkempt landscape and a “Martha Stewart” interior.

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