Want to Sell Your Home? Have “The Price” Talk

Stacks of Hundreds of Dollars with Small HouseThe sale of any home comes down to money. The right zip code and added features can help sell a house, but price is the bottom line. You should have a price range in mind, be aware of supply and demand, and research recent properties that have sold in your neighborhood. Consider your urgency and motivation to sell. Also take a look at the competition. How does your house compare to others on the market?

In most cases a seller will balk at the idea that their home is not worth the dollars that they have invested in it over the years. A home is only worth what the market is willing to pay for it. You already know that the key to a quick sale is getting the price right. Answer that question first.

Things that DO NOT affect value include:

  • Original cost
  • What it would cost to rebuild today
  • All your Home Depot receipts
  • Your personal attachment
  • The idea that it is the perfect home

Not sure if your house is priced to sell?  Maybe it’s time to seek the experience and advice from people who know. Contact Eiting Real Estate today at Info@SoldByEiting.com or call us at 419-629-2623 to discover the key to the right price for your home!